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Whats The Best Way To Stay Safe While Using Public Wi-Fi ?

In the past travel was all about escaping from everything – work, mail and your phone. However, these days public Wi-Fi and mobile devices help us stay connect when we are away from home. But this doesn’t mean using public Wi-Fi is safe to do when you are on your trip. If you use unsecured public Wi-Fi it can in fact be very dangerous to your identity and your information.

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In the past traveling safe just mean getting your passport secured, but now we have to keep ourselves protected when we are online. Your mobile devices can be viewed as your online passport. You wouldn’t ever leave your passport just laying around somewhere, since that would give access to your identity. However, exposing your identity and private information is exactly what you are doing when using unsecured public Wi-Fi with your devices.

Airport Internet Safety

If you will be flying over to your destination, then you might want to catch up on your email or posts social media status updates. There are some airports that offer time-limited, free Wi-Fi, but it is unknown whether it is secure or not. With an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot, your data is left unprotected. Anyone who is on the same network will be able to spy on your personal information. So if you do make the decision to use free public Wi-Fi, make sure you are careful about the kinds of sites that you visit. It isn’t very safe to log into any website requiring a password since hackers might be suing software kits to collect yours. You should avoid any websites that store sensitive information such as banking sites as well as transactions sites that have your credit card information stored.

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Coffee Shops And Cafes Internet Safety

In addition to cafes providing us with a caffeine boost, they are also great places to charge our devices and get caught up on all of our social networks when we are traveling. Free Wi-Fi network access is offered by a majority of cafes when we buy a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, even when supposedly are secure, it isn’t necessarily safe to use password-protected networks.

Coffee shops are real havens for hackers wanting to snoop into your online activities. Hackers use tools that are widely available to launch Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks to go from point A (which is your device) over to point B (a website) in order to intercept information. Your credit card numbers, bank account credentials and social media logins can easily be stolen unless you have a virtual private network (VPN) such as Norton WiFi Privacy to make sure your information is encrypted.

Resorts And Hotels Internet Safety

You have reached your destination and want to unwind. However, don’t relax too much when it comes to using the Wi-Fi at your hotel. Just like with Wi-Fi at the airport, hotel hotspots are not secure at all times – when when you use a password. Hotels, after all, specialize in hospitality rather than information security. There isn’t any guarantee that the individual who got the Wi-Fi network set up turned all of the security features on. And once patches get released for vulnerabilities for popular hotel routers, it can take some time for the hotels to get the patches implemented.

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When you are checking into your hotel, make sure to get the official name of their Wi-Fi. Unless you are going through a VPN, you still need to be very careful abut using Wi-Fi at hotels. Browsing online for local tourist attractions and restaurants will be low activities that you can do without a VPN. However, you will still want to avoid logging into any accounts containing sensitive information.

Lower your risks when using public Wi-Fi

You don’t want your travel plans to including getting your identity stolen from using public Wi-Fi. There is a new multi-device VPN service called Norton WiFi Privacy that makes all of your public Wi-Fi connections secure and private through encrypting your information ,We have all the latest coupons for Norton Anti virus software here for you to save 10 to 30% on it when you purchase. That way you won’t need to worry about being spied on and having your private information stolen.

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