Week 6: Free Couponing Class (9/27)

Coupon Course


Welcome to Week 6 of the ten week Couponing course!

It’s a great week, and you’re about to get over $45 in FREE products at Walgreens!

If you aren’t part of the couponing class, go here to learn more about my free couponing course or sign up:

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This week we’ll be working on CATALINAS and REGISTER REWARDS.

What is a Catalina and/or Register Reward?

A catalina is essentially a coupon that is automatically printed out at the register when you buy a certain item. At Walgreens, these are called Register Rewards. Like other deals, you can find out about Catalinas in a store’s inserts or at a money-saving coupon blog like Choyster Cash.

The big thing to remember about Catalinas/Register Rewards is that they count to the machine as a “coupon.” Let’s say you are buying 1 item. If you are already using a manufacturer’s coupon then your Register Reward will “count” as a second coupon, meaning the register will think you are using two coupons for one product, and won’t allow the transaction. The solution is to buy a really cheap item (a piece of candy, say), called a “filler” by most couponers so that you can get the one coupon-to-one item ratio back.

Another thing to remember with Register Rewards is that they are not just like ECBS. Yes, you do present them to the clerk like cash, but you cannot use a register reward you got on a shampoo deal to then buy more of the same shampoo deal. Instead, if you want to keep buying the shampoo deal, you’ve got to use either a different register rewards coupon (say for a soup deal), or cash! Finally, Register Rewards are set to print as one Register Reward for each item – so if there is no limit on the number of free shampoo you can get, you still must do separate transactions to get each and every register reward on each bottle!

Make sense? I know it may seem a bit confusing, but it’s something that you’ll get the hang of easily with a little practice.

Let’s get to the deals!

Here are the deals I want you to do at Walgreens:

  1. Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion 6.8 oz $6.99
    Get $7 Register Rewards
    Use $1.50 coupon here
    Final price as low as FREE plus $1.50 back
  2. Gillette Fusion MVP Manual or Power Razor System $8.99
    Get $6 Register Rewards
    Use $4 coupon from 9/27 Sunday paper
    Final price FREE plus $1 back
  3. Dentek floss 55 yd / Picks 35 ct $2
    Get $2 Register Rewards
    Use $1 coupon from here smartsource.com
    Final price FREE plus $1 back
  4. Emergen-C Immune System 2 pk (2.5 oz each) $3.49
    Get $3.49 Register Rewards
    Final price FREE
  5. Oral-B Advantage 1-2-3 toothbrush $3
    Get $3 Register Rewards
    Final price FREE
  6. Herbal Essence Hair care $2.99 get
    Get $2 Register Rewards
    Use $1 herbal coupon from 8/23, 9/13 Sunday papers
    Final price FREE
  7. Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99
    Get $3 Register Rewards
    Final price FREE
  8. Robitussin DM to go 2 pk $2.49
    Get $2.49 Register Rewards
    Final price FREE
  9. Halls Refresh sugar free 20 ct $1
    Get $1 Register Rewards
    Use $.75 coupon from 9/27 Sunday paper
    Final price FREE + $.75
  10. Theraflu Nighttime 6 ct get $4
    Get $4 Register Rewards when you buy 2
    Use $2 coupon here
    Use $2 Theraflu coupon from the Healthy Savings Book with $30 of coupons from Walgreens (You can find these lying around the store, if there are still some left ($4 will be deducted when you buy 2.)
    Final price FREE
  11. Gillette Venus Razor $7.99
    Get $4 Register Rewards
    Use $2 coupon from 9/27 Sunday paper (P&G insert)
    Final price $1.99

As always, make sure to post comments with any questions you may have, or email me, and then go on and get your free (and cheap) stuff!

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